can I point my referral link to a specific product?

yes! when a friend clicks on your referral link, they’ll be taken to a set landing page. if you would like to point your referral link to a different page or a specific product, you will simply append your existing referral link.

how do I point my link to a different page?

follow these point your referral link to a specific page or product.

step 1: Within the Ambassador Portal, you’ll find a unique link that is used to track your referrals. this link is located in the top right corner of the page next to “Campaign URL.”

please note, if you’re enrolled in multiple campaigns at once, click the “all campaigns” drop-down menu to select the campaign you want to promote. you can then copy your campaign-specific link.

step 2: After copying your link, you will add “?url=” (without the quotes) to the end of your referral link followed by the page you want your link to point to.

for example, if my referral link is, by default it is taking you to this page: if I want to point my referral link to this page instead, the referral link I will share is:

by setting your link up in this manner, you can point to the new page while ensuring that any referrals are tracked back to you.

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