what is the intention of the ambassador program?

teeki's ambassador program is a community of likeminded women and men around the world who embody the dream lifestyle. it is a conscious global platform for all types of physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment; this is a space to connect with one another, to inspire each other and to help each of us manifest our dreams.

we support a life of adventure and wellbeing by providing members with the ability to earn extra income doing what they love. together, we are a platform of women which share meaningful content and products to further our collective mission through education, arts, music, and play.

we are here now to unlock the knowledge that lives inside us. we are taking our lives into our own hands. we are creating the futures we want, actively progressing in mind, body and spirit.

we’re changing the way the fashion industry does business to be more ethical and meaningful - with your help!

sign up now to join the movement: https://teeki.getambassador.com/

who can apply? anyone! if you love wearing teeki and enjoy connecting with your community, we invite you to be part of teeki town. we offer this opportunity to all our teeki girls to share the abundance and empower each of you with the opportunity to become an influencer and entrepreneur.

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